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World's Smallest Smartphone Gimbal
Pocket-sized gimbal with advanced AI tracking & PowerFollow that doubles as a wireless power bank.


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Product Description

The PowerVision S1 Gimbal is a wireless passthrough charging power bank, a 3-axis stabiliser, a selfie stick, a photo and video editor, magnetic system, and a tripod all wrapped into one beautiful package -the perfect companion for smartphones.

Key Features:

Shoot like a pro

Be it live streaming, vlogging, or capturing valuable memories in a concert or sporting event, PowerVision S1 has it all covered with its extensive photo and video functionalities. This all-in-one solution utilises the smallest micro 3-axis mobile phone stabiliser in the world. No shakes, no blurs, just perfection. For those who are a one-person team, never worry about being out of frame again with the PowerFollow feature. This nifty device also allows users to enable gesture control to signal when to start, stop, pause & capture. It's compatible with live streaming, video conferencing, and social apps. Welcome to a world of perfectly focused imagery on demand.

Mini but powerful

The PowerVision S1 team was inspired to develop this product as "Mobile phones have become a modern-day essential and are portals for self-expression, advertising, and convenience. The development of devices has been significant throughout the years and is the reason why some devices are classified as obsolete. We thought about contributing to the improvements by creating an all-in-one solution for every device."

Stay 100%

This stylish piece includes a built-in power bank with passthrough wireless charging. Say goodbye to frustrating wires and welcome the extended battery life. There is no need to keep an eye on the device as it seamlessly sticks in place with its innovative magnetic connection feature.

About PowerVision

The PowerVision Group was founded in 2009 and is a company with a clear mission to innovate the future. It pushes the boundaries of possibilities, intending to change the world through innovative artificial intelligence. At the heart of the company is a corporate culture that prides itself on continuous learning, innovation, and technological excellence. PowerVision is the only company in the world producing aerial, water surface, and underwater robotic devices.


Product Specifications


Magnetic Phone Holder
Weight 36g
Compatible Phone Width 67 – 84 mm
Compatible Phone Thickness 7.0 -10 mm
Vision+S1 App To ensure optimal performance of Vision+S1 App, make sure that your device is using iOS version 10.0 or Android version 7.0 or higher.
PowerVision S1
Folded Dimensions 141.5 × 58.4 ×27.9mm
Unfolded Dimensions 258.5 × 58.4 ×59.3mm
Weight 298g
Compatible Payload Weight 220±60g
Compatible Phone Length 164mm Max.
Universal Mount 1/4″-20 UNC Port
Type Li-ion
Energy 15.86Wh/1030mAh 15.4V
Capacity equal to 4120 mAh 3.85V
Max Working Time 15 hrs
Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.
Charging Time 2hrs
Measured with a 18W charger.
Working Temperature 0 – 40℃
Charging Temperature 5 – 40℃
Max Charging Power 18W,5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Magnetic Car Mount
Weight 92g
Installation Method Air Outlet Plug-in Type
Console Bonded Type
Charging Output
Wireless Output 10W Max.
USB-C Output PowerOff:18W Max.
PowerOn:5W Max.
Charging Port USB-C
Mechanical Range Pan:±150°
Roll:-214.8° – 96°
Max Control Speed 120°/s
Model BLE5.0



12 Months 

In The Box 

In The Box

  • PowerVision S1 Gimbal 
  • Magnetic Universal Phone Mount
  • Magnetic Car Mount