Gladius Mini S

GLADIUS MINI S is a portable, easy-to-use, and reliable consumer-grade underwater drone that can be used for underwater creative photography, diving explorations, and safety inspections. It is easy to operate and carry, and has a compact aluminum alloy body design.

More Mounts, More Adventures

From $2499

Chasing M2 ROV

CHASING M2 is a professional underwater ROV/Drone designed for professional users and industrial applications. M2 allows omni movement in all directions, and has a more powerful mount extension system to meet the needs of multi-professional scenarios.

Omni Movement & Sophisticated Attachments

From $4999

PowerVision S1

The PowerVision S1 Gimbal is a wireless passthrough charging power bank, a 3-axis stabiliser, a selfie stick, a photo and video editor, magnetic system, and a tripod all wrapped into one beautiful package -the perfect companion for smartphones.

From $309

PowerEgg X

PowerVision’s PowerEgg X is a multi-function device that can be used as an autonomous personal AI camera, a handheld 3-axis AI camera, or a high-performance drone.

From $1699


  • Powerdolphin offers mobile fish finding capability & stunning video performance while extending your range of exploration on water!
  • 4K UHD camera with multiple resolution settings
  • 220º rotatable camera to see above or below the surface

From $1599


With a diving time of four hours, a diving depth of 30 meters, sonar fish finder and a great 4K 30 fps camera, the PowerRay is the water product you’ve been waiting for.

From $1399

Camera Filters

Optics: Pure High Definition Optical glass 18Layers Multicoated ensure filmmaking experience

Built: Hard stop THREADED Variable ND eliminates any chance of cross-polarization & zero vignetting (16mm above) during the shoot


Action Camera Filters

Unmatched Optics: Each of Freewell 4K Series optics are handcrafted precisely made compatible with Hero9 Black (Naked)

Coating: Waterproof, Dustproof, Scrathproof, Oilproof, Color Neutral coating makes sure you get the best possible image while shooting outdoor.

Drone Filters

Razor-sharp optical glass has great optics, reduce reflections and glare effectively to improve the aerial shooting of DJI camera


16 Layers Multicoated optical glass lens filters reduce fingerprints, fog, water, and dust.

Zino Mini Pro

249gm Lightweight & Foldable Design

3-Direction Obstacle Avoidance

Up to 40 Minutes of Flight Time

10KM Remote Control Distance

3-Axis Gimbal with 4K30 Video

1/1.3“ CMOS sensor

f/1.85 super large aperture