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    Chasing Dory Underwater Drone

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    Travel-Size ±45° Tilt-Lock Mode Up to 1 Hour Runtime   1080p f/1.6 Lens Customize Visual Effects Automatic Depth-Lock Mode 15m Waterproof Share on Social Media Product Description UNDERWATER DRONE Everyday Underwater Exploration The world's smallest, smartest and most affordable underwater drone. Honor Badges DORY Invites You to Explore The Underwater World Our expert underwater drone operators recommend you use DORY in calm waters. Try to stay away from swift currents and waters with heavy surges. The DORY’S Wi-Fi Buoy connects wirelessly to your mobile device or table for up to 50 ft away. The buoy connects to the drone through the 50 ft tether that is included allowing you plenty of freedom to explore. Shine at your next pool party Imagine Holding the Ocean in the Palm of Your Hand Smaller than a standard sheet of paper, DORY can fit into a backpack and be easily transported wherever you want to use it. DORY is 56% lighter and 65% smaller than it’s big brother,GLADIUS MINI. 1.1kg Weight 247*188*92mm Size So Small and Yet So Easy to Use Look up or down With Dory's slick angle positioning you can angle DORY anywhere between 45° up or down to view the world underwater. Depth lock DORY's Depth Lock allows you to maintain underwater stability at your desired depth. Explore more DORY comes with an internal 4800 mAh battery that allows up to one hour of exploration with a full charge. Unlike other underwater drones, with DORY, only the drone needs a charge.You will need a charged smartphone or standalone remote to control DORY. Capture Vivid Underwater Life Built-in True Color Algorithm With DORY'S built-in true color restoration algorithm, photos and videos show true dynamic color in all conditions. Capture the New Frontier DORY's 1080p f/1.6 camera opens up a whole new world of exploration. Now you can see what most cannot. Light It Up With two 250-lumen headlights, CHASING DORY comes equipped to illuminate the waters without disturbing oceanic inhabitants. Share is Caring With DORY's dual play mode, two users can operate one DORY. You can have one person control the underwater drone's movements while the other operates the camera. Smartphone = Smart Controller With the CHASING DORY app all you need is a smartphone to control your underwater experience. From your smartphone, you can control everything from diving, tilting, depth lock and of course, camera settings and capture. Customize Visual Effects Customize visual effects with 19 image filters and simple video editing. Share the Fun Quickly and easily share underwater photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or your favorite social sharing patform. Smartphone = Smart Controller DORY's hydrodynamic design packs in the most important features in a sleek, compact body. Set up takes just a few minutes.   Product Specifications CHASING DORY WEIGHT 1.1kg MAX DEPTH 15m RUNTIME 60min STORAGE 16G MAX RESOLUTION 2M (1920*1080) VIDEO FHD: 1920*1080 30fps DRONE SIZE 247mm*188mm*92mm WEIGHT 1.1kg MAX DEPTH 15m MAX SPEED 1.5kn RUNTIME 60min BATTERY CYCLE LIFE ≥300times SENSOR IMU 3 axis gyro/accelerometer/compass DEPTH SENSOR ≤±0.5m TEMPERATURE SENSOR ≤±2℃ BUOY SIZE 130mm*130mm*88mm WEIGHT 160g STORAGE 16G MAX WiFi DISTANCE 15m CHARGER POWER 12.6V 1.8A CHARGING TIME 3 hour CAMERA CMOS 1/2.9-inch LENS f/1.6 FOCUS 4mm ISO RANGE 100-3200 FOV 100° MAX RESOLUTION 2M (1920*1080) FORMAT JPEG VIDEO FHD: 1920*1080 30FPS VIDEO STREAM 4M VIDEO FORMAT MP4 LED BRIGHTNESS 2*250 Lumens COLOR TEMPERATURE 4000K-5000K CRI 80   In The Box Name Qty Illustration Name Qty Illustration Drone 1 15m Tether 1 Wi-Fi Buoy 1 Power Adapter 1 Travel Adapters 5 Support Documents 1  

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