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    Vsett 8 Electric Scooter

    Introducing the next generation of electric scooters. Experience the peerless freedom the VSETT 8 delivers. With a 48V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery and a range up to 50km, the foldable VSETT 8 provides a convenient and affordable commuting choice. The 600 W motor delivers hill climbing torque while the dual coil swing-arm suspension improves comfort on rough surfaces. Don't let anything stop you, all VSETT models are IP54 water resistant. The new VSETT Control Throttle Display is packed with features. Tune your ride your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer and voltmeter which ensures only you can start your VSETT. Feel confident you will be seen with the LED lit stem, dual head lights and taillights. The VSETT 8 is the only scooter in its class with factory integrated turn signals.     Traverse the city with your own style VSETT 8 is a purebred electric scooter that offers extraordinary design, high comfort and additionally power about which other widely known models can only dream about. Adjust it to youself and your needs Adjustable handlebar height allows to fit it to your height and preference. Extended deck assures better foothold which boosts your confidence and comfort when riding. You will also appreciate the ergonomic shape of the handlebar and especially intuitive placement of turn-signals which are placed right underneath your thumb. It's the only solution of this type in the market! Convenience doesn't end there! Vsett 8 can be turned on using an innovative NFC key which fits in your pocket! Ride on everything like on a smooth asphalt Powerful shock absorbers and durable 8.5 inch tyres.This combination grants a feel of being attached to the road and perfectly handles any type of unevenness.You can ride on sand, asphalt, hills, rocks, and even potholes and still enjoy a great comfort.Afraid of catching a flat tyre?Not this time! The rear wheel in VSETT 8 is non-inflatable so it's immune to losing air. Everything at your arm's reach. Easily readable display that gives you full control. over the most important vehicle parameters. You can see your current speed, current gear, battery charge state or odometer.Additionally you can set on it the maximum speed, acceleration, cruise control, gear, start from zero and many more valuable features. Feel the freedom and travel without limits One of the biggest advantages of VSETT 8 is a powerful (relative to its size) motor with a power of blistering 600W which makes comfortable travel possible with a speed reaching even 40 km/h. Another thing that deserves your attention is a capacious battery (15.6Ah, 48V) which ensures a very impressive range up to 50km of riding on one charge. VSETT 8 possesses 2 charging ports thanks to which the charging time is even shorter. Enjoy simultaneous safety and comfort Looking after braking safely are 2 brakes (front and rear) assisted by effective Safety Brake System which automatically turns off the engine when the scooter's brake lever is pulled.Worth acknowledging is also the fact that the battery is hidden inside the platform. This solution improves the stability of the vehicle and additionally improves the safety of using the scooter. Travel regardless of time or weather conditions VSETT Scooters have everything you need to enjoy long and unencumbered ride.Efficient lighting (2 front and rear lights) improves visibility even after dusk.Firmly attached mudguards (located on both sides of the vehicle) ascertain that Your ride will be safe even when there is water, snow or mud on the road. Fold it in 2 simple steps and pack it where you want The can be folded in literally seconds (additional convenience is secured by foldable handlebar handles). The whole thing weighs barely 21kg and when folded its length is only 114 cm. Thanks to that you can successfuly fit it in any trunk, under a desk and even in a closet. Value every detail and build VSETT 8 is a true masterpiece among electric scooters. It has thoroughly thought out design proof of which is the fact that each element is made out of high class materials and cables were run through jackets and inside the stem (so nothing sticks out!).   Product Specifications SPECS VSETT 8 Function NFC KEY LOCK Battery Capacity 48V 15.6AH Motor 48V 600W*1 Brushless Motor Max Speed Load 75KG maximum speed 45KM/H/25MPH Mileage(ECO) 50KM N.W 19KG G.W 21KG  Charging Time (2*2AH Charger) 3.5HR Charging Time (1*2AH Charger)  7HR Controlller 48V 23A*1 Square Wave Gradeability Around 18*  Gradeability depends on the weight of rider, road condition, battery condition, temperature Max Load 120KG Unfolded Size  1120*610*1250MM Folded Size 1040*200*400MM Package Size 1080*225*460MM Light LED light, Dual LED headlight & tail light, brake light, Font and rear turn signal Suspension Front - Rear Suspension import springs and Spring suspension Brake Drum Brake(Rear)+Electric ABS/Automatic power off function Tire Front: 8.5 Inch/Rear: 8 Inch Product Material Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shaft: SCM440, Cover: Polypropylene  


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    VSETT 9+ Apex (2024) Electric Scooter

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      Unleash the Power: VSETT 9 APEX – Elevating the VSETT 9 Series Experience the next evolution in electric scooters with the VSETT 9 APEX, the pinnacle of the VSETT 9 series. This cutting-edge electric scooter has been upgraded with a removable battery, large centre display, and enhanced frame lighting.  KEY FEATURES: Dual Motor Dominance: Feel the surge of power with the VSETT 9 APEX's dual motor setup. Hill climbing power encased in a storage friendly frame.  Removable Battery Convenience: Revolutionizing the way you power your ride, the VSETT 9 APEX introduces a game-changing removable battery feature. Seamlessly swap batteries for extended rides or charge separately, offering unmatched flexibility and convenience. Upgraded Safety Assurance: Your safety is our priority. The VSETT 9 APEX comes equipped with upgraded safety features, including dual hydraulic disc brakes, high-visibility LED lights, and a robust suspension system. Navigate with peace of mind, knowing your ride is secure. Smart Connectivity, Personalized Experience: The VSETT 9 APEX comes with NFC tags to secure access to your ride. Monitor your escooter's performance, track your journeys, and customize settings to match your preferences on its large centre display.. The VSETT 9 APEX isn't just a escooter; it's a smart companion for your urban adventures. OVERALL SPECIFICATIONS Top Speed 55 km/h Weight 28 kg  Max Load 120 kg  Foldable Size 125 x 24 x 55 cm Suspension Front Spring and Rear Spring Brakes Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes  Powertrain 700W Nominal per Motor2,600W Peak with Dual Motors Controller 48V 28A Color Black Lights Headlights + Brake Lights + Front and Rear Turn Signals + Steering Stem Light + Deck Light Tire Size 8" x 3" inch Front and Rear Pneumatic Tire Pressure 50 PSI to 55 PSI Water Resistance IP54 Official Certified    VSETT 9 APEX (19.2AH) Range 50 - 70 km Battery 48V 19.2Ah (Quick Swap battery) Charge Time 5 - 6 hrs

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  • Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter - Actiontech Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter - Actiontech

    Vsett 10+ 60V 26.5Ah Electric Scooter

    Introducing the next generation of electric scooters. Years of experience have led us here. The VSETT 10 26.5Ah delivers blistering performance with dual 1400 W motors which accelerate the VSETT 10 up to 50 MPH in Sport Mode, making this the fastest scooter in this price range and weight class. Dual hydraulic disk brakes bring you to a positive stop. The 10 Inch front and rear pneumatic tires, coupled with dual adjustable suspension, provides a smooth ride.Don't let anything stop you, all VSETT models are IP54 water resistant.A massive 60V 26.5Ah Li-ion battery gives the VSETT 10 a maximum range of 100 km. Electric scooter Vsett 10+ Discover a new dimension of extreme riding! Vsett 10+ is a surprisingly modern electric scooter designed with high adrenaline doses in mind thanks to perfectly fine-tuned parameters. Join the innovative world of VSETT! Reliable safe-driving system! Your comfort and safety is taken care of by modern shock absorbers combined with 10-inch pneumatic tyres. You will appreciate every detail of this product - not only steadiness but also great comfort. Utilise the potential of two motors! Electric scooter Vsett 10+ houses two incredibly powerful electric motors - 1400W each (peaking at 1800W). This combined with two 35A drivers allows for an ascend at 25 degrees roads without losing most of your speed! Incredible LED lighting Novel LED lighting in combination with front and rear turn-signals allows you to travel safely not only during the day but also at night. Even 85km on a single charge Intelligent Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 25.6Ah/60V ensures fast charging and long range on a single charge. The lack of "memory" in the battery makes it last long years! Most important features right under your fingers Large and easy-to-read display shows all the most important data like speed, current gear, TRIP metre, and battery charge level. The display brightness makes it readable even in unfavourable conditions. Innovative anti-theft system The scooter posseses a futuristic built-in anti-theft system. Use a unique NFC verification token to unlock the scooter and be on your way! Record-breaking folding speed Secure and thought-out folding mechanism lets you feel safe while riding and ensures that the scooter can still be folded to take up less space when it has to be carried around. Product Specifications Top Speed 70KPH Max Range 75km Dual motor and 100+km single motor Charge Time 1 x 2A Charger 14 Hours or 2 x 2A Charger 7 Hours Weight 36kg Max Load 120kg Braking Hydraulic brakes front and rear with Electric ABS and an Automatic power off function. Immobiliser NFC KEY LOCK Indicators Turn Signal indicators in handle bars Horn Electric Horn Motor 60v 1400W x 2 BRUSHLESS MOTOR Battery 60v 25.6AH LG Suspension Front -Rear Suspension/Imported Springs and Spring Suspension Lighting LED lights,Dual LED head light, tail light and brake light Tyres Front and Rear : 10″  x 3″ inch Pneumatic tyres Size when unfolded LxWxH 1290 x 690 x 1280mm Size when folded LxWxH 1290 x 250 x 540mm Gradeability 35 Degrees. Gradeability depends on the weight of rider,road condition batterycondition,temperature. Folding Mechanism Patented triple lock mechanism Instrument Panel EYE throttle is applied as the default option.(Batterylevel, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed display and modechange.) Cruise / Electronic brake/ Auto save function / ABS Product Material Frame and handle: Aviavion aluminum forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene


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