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  • Pimax Crystal VR Headset - Actiontech Pimax Crystal VR Headset - Actiontech

    Pimax Crystal VR Headset

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    VR Definition Redefined - The highest Pixels-Per-Degree of any consumer VR headset with 35 PPD. Pimax has always been praised for its image quality and wide FOV. To achieve this, a lot of parts come together, but at the heart are the glass aspheric lenses. Plus, they're interchangeable so you can switch between 35PPD and 42PPD, perfect for Flight / Racing Simulation VR games. Life-like Graphics – Dual Custom QLED+Mini-Led Panels with a stunning total resolution of 5760 pixels horizontal and 2880 pixels vertical provide unparalleled graphics. Local Dimming dims dark areas, while keeping other areas bright and colorful. This creates a truly immersive virtual reality experience. One Headset with Two Modes - The Crystal is PC VR & Standalone VR headset, based on the same platform as Pimax 12K QLED, powered by Qualcomn Snapdragon XR2 & Pimax's Customized PC VR Engine Dual-processor chip. In addition, wireless usage is possible in both modes, using Wi-Fi streaming, or the optional 60G wireless module. Eye-tracking Supported - Control your game with your eyes. Eyetracking in the Pimax Crystal registers your eyes 120 times per second. This also enables foveated rendering. IPD is automatically adjusted. Easy To Use – Your ultra VR experience within 5 minutes: Download the driver of Pimax Play at Pimax Official website, connect the VR Headset with PC and then pair the Motion Controllers, Done. Differ from Valve Index, Vive Pro 2 or Varjo Aero, with 4 external Depth-of-Field cameras, you do not need to purchase any base stations with the Pimax Crystal. Furthermore, Crystal also support SteamVR tracking 2.0&1.0 tech with an optional Lighthouse Cover, which means that you can still use your previous Base Stations and Controllers. Win OS 10, 11 with RTX 2070 and above is recommended. Exclusive Customer Service - Pimax VR Headsets push VR limits further for resolution, refresh rate and field of view. As a result, proper setup is much more critical than other VR headsets. Therefore, we are offering you COMPLEMENTARY remote setup of your headset at no charge. And we will walk you through quick remote setup via many methods.  SPECS: Pimax Crystal DISPLAY QLED + Mini-Led Display2880*2880 pixel per oneBrightness:200nitLocal dimming:20000:1Colors: 100%NTSCMotion-to-Photon (MTP) Latency:15msRefresh rate:90Hz/120Hz/(144Hz/160Hz IN TESTING MODE)HDR OPTICS Customized replaceable aspheric optical lens, with 35PPD peak fidelity FIELD OF VIEW 35PPD:Horizontal:125°Diagonal:140° INTERPUPILLARY DISTANCE (IPD) Manual IPD and Automatic IPDSupported IPD range:58–72mm AUDIO Original off-ear speakers (Optional high-fidelity DMAS headphones)3.5 mm audio jack 1xmicrophones 3x DIMENSIONS 280.10mm*108.2mm*135.90mm CONNECTIVITY Standard Pimax custom 5M DP cable POSITIONAL TRACKING inside-out (Standard cover/MR cover)outside-in (Lighthouse cover) EYE TRACKING 120 Hz with sub-degree accuracy; 1-dot calibration for foveated rendering BATTERY 6000mAh Replaceable battery + 120mAh inside battery supports hot swap INSIDE CHIPS Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2,PIMAX Customized PC VR Engine Dual-processor chips8+256G VR MODE PCVR + Standalone VR Controller BATTERY 600mAh use type-c for charging SYSTEM UPGRADE Support OTA upgrade WEIGHT 126g

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  • Last stock! Pimax DMAS Headphones for Crystal - Actiontech

    Pimax DMAS Headphones for Crystal

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    The Earphones of The DMAS for Pimax Crystal VR Headset 40mm headphone driver unit High-fidelity audio DTS Audio

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  • Pimax Sword Controllers - Actiontech Pimax Sword Controllers - Actiontech

    Pimax Sword Controllers

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    Strong Compatibility - Besides our Pimax Artisan, 5K Plus, 5K XR, 5K Super, 8K Plus and 8K X, this pair of Sword Motion Controllers are also available for HTC VIVE Pro, Pro 2, Cosmos Elite, Valve Index and Varjo that use SteamVR outside-in tracking 2.0 tech. Going with Base Station 1.0 & 2.0, you can unlock the charm of "Room-scale" VR games, such as Beat Saber, Half LIfe: Alyx, Sword and Sorcery, etc. New Ergonomic Design - The new Sword includes an enhanced grip with an easy-to-use ergonomic design, allowing users to reduce human errors and increase comfort level. As the extra fabric strap attaches to between the Sword and hands, users can reach out with their hands fully and completely relax without worrying about the controllers slipping away from their hands. Precise Positioning - 0.3mm. The first usage of using 52 pieces optical positioning chips solution in industry. 0.3mm positioning accuracy is fully compatible with the Steam hardware ecosystem. Environmentally Friendly Coating - The surface of the new handle adopts a special environmentally friendly coating which will not affect the accuracy of positioning. THE ENHANCED TEXTURE reduces accidental slippage caused by strenuous movement, allowing users to get a better hand feeling experience. Boost Your VR Voyage - The Changeable Battery Design never need to worry about low battery alert. Different from other controllers, the Pimax Sword controller allows you to hot-swap the battery without losing the connection. Our dual replaceable lithium battery design allows continuous game play experiences with no worries about alow battery ruining your experience. Excellent Key Structure Design - 50,000 keystrokes aging test, and great rebound feedback. The new Sword controller adds menu button, home button, grip button and also trigger button. The trackpad in the thumb position can bring a better gaming experience. It also fits in with mainstream platform games.

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  • Valve Index Base Station 2.0 - Actiontech

    Valve Index Base Station 2.0

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    ▪1 SteamVR 2.0 Base Station ▪1 15 ft (4.5 m) Power Cable ▪1 Base Station Stand with Mounting Hardware ▪1 Power Supply ▪Regionalized Power Adapter(s) ▪Cleaning Cloth Room-scale precision, with lasers. The highest-quality tracking has gotten even better with Base Station 2.0, featuring improved range, wider field of view, and support for up to four Base Stations in a single setup, creating a larger play area while reducing occlusion.

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  • Sale -13%Last stock! Pimax KDMAS Headphones for 8KX Headset - Actiontech

    Pimax KDMAS Headphones for 8KX Headset

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    The Earphones of The KDMAS for The Replacement of Pimax 5K, 8K, 8K X VR Headset

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  • Sale -8% VR Comfort Kit - Actiontech

    Pimax VR Comfort Kit

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    Easy to install and remove – Specially designed for Pimax HMD, all custom kits are easy to set up. Keep your HMD clean and sweatproof – Easy to disassemble and clean, ensure a hygeian usage environment and keep germs at bay. Anti-leakage and relieve the pressure on the nose – Prevent light entering into the HMD and make the VR experience more immersive. More Comfortable – Reserve enough space for persons who wear glasses, won’t reduce the field of view and enhance your VR experience. What's Included: 1x Face Cushion, 1x Foam Face Cover, 1x Anti-leakage Nose Pad. Pimax Comfort Kit for Vision Artisan/5K Super/5K PLUS/5K XR/8K/8K PLUS/8KX VR Headset, Black Color

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