PolarPro Filters Cinema Series Vivid Collection for DJI Spark



The DJI Spark Filters Cinema Series Vivid Collection ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters for pilots who wish to enhance their image quality and capture smooth, cinematic content.

Product Description

The PolarPro DJI Spark Cinema Series Vivid Collection is constructed with high-quality materials that enable you to capture the best image quality possible. PolarPro prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail when it comes to building filters and we made no exception with our camera filters for DJI's Spark. Each filter is constructed with our Cinema Series production level glass with AR coatings. Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, the filter frames are designed to be lightweight yet durable. 



ND4/PL Filter (rotatable) (0.78g): The PolarPro Spark ND4/PL filter is a rotatable filter, very similar to an standard polariser filter. This filter is a great all purpose polariser and reduces 2 stops of light. Good for darker scenes such as sunrise or sunset.

ND8/PL Filter (rotatable) (0.78g): The ND8/PL Spark filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 3-stops and also enhances colour saturation by reducing glare. The purpose of a ND filter is to slow shutter speed and give your video a smooth, cinematic look. Generally, you will use the ND8/PL on cloudy to partly cloudy days for best results. 

ND16/PL Filter (rotatable) (0.78g): The ND16/PL Spark filter reduces the camera's shutter speed by 4-stops and also reduces glare. With this filter you will get the best results on partly cloudy to sunny days. The ND16 will slow the DJI Spark’s shutter speed to give your videos a smooth, cinematic look, while the polariser reduces glare enhancing colour saturation.