PGYTech Mavic Mini / Mini 2 Landing Gear Extensions

SKU: P-12A-012


Effectively improve the drone's ability to adapt to the ground environment during take-off and landing; avoid ground debris to less contamination or damage to the lens filter.

Product Description

The PGYTECH magic arm is a universal photography connector, which can be used to connect photography equipment and auxiliary equipment such as lights and monitors. The product has an adjustable double ball head structure and a single-knob adjustment design. As well as being portable, it can tilt and rotate through 360° and meet the needs of shooting different scenes and angles and the ¼” interface adds a flexible Alai positioning structure. The design effectively improves the stability of the device connection and can be widely adapted for universal ¼” interface devices that are not equipped with Alai positioning holes.



Mavic Mini

Mini 2