NIitecore Flexible Power Bank And 18650 Battery Charger



The NITECORE F4 Flexible Power Bank is a dual purpose battery charger and battery organizer for charging 18650 Lithium/IMR ion batteries with a single slot charging max of 1A.

The LCD display reports key information from the batteries charging, including battery voltage, USB output, charging current and volume charged. The compact and portable design of the F4 weighs 113 grams and measures just 11.3cm, fitting perfectly into your outdoor gear, backpack or car.

When used as a power bank with 4 fully charged batteries, the F4 will activate the Battery Group Discharging Function, to give priority to discharging batteries in slot 1 and 2, leaving the batteries slot 3 and 4 to be used for other functions.

Key Features:
4 battery slots that are independently controlled with a single-slot maximum charging current of 1A
USB port max output current of 2A
Powerbank and Battery Organizer
Fully Charges iPhone in 2 hours
The high-definition LCD display provides key charging and battery information including:
Battery Voltage
USB Current and Volume
Charged Current
Battery Slot
Input DC 5V 2A
Output Voltage (Battery) 4.2V±1%
Output Voltage (USB) 5V±5%
Output Current (Battery) 21A, 40.5A
Output Current (USB) 2*2A
Compatible with Li-ion/IMR: 18650
Dimensions 11.3 x 8.6 x 2.7cms
Weight 113g