NIitecore 5000MAH Li-Ion Battery With Usb-C

SKU: NL2150R


ThisNitecore NL2150R 5000 MAH Li-Ion Battery with USB-C has 3.6 volts and a high 5000mAh capacity for superior runtimes. The built-in USB-C port is for convenient charging when you can't get to or do not have an external charger. Capable of being recharged hundreds of times saves you time and money by not buying new cells. The stable 5 year shelf life makes it possible to safely store these for when you need them the most.

Key Features:
Next generation 21700 battery
High 5000mAh capacity for superior runtimes
3.6 volts of reliable lithium power
Built-in USB-C charge port for convenient charging without external charger
Multiple safety protections from over-heating, over charging, and over discharging
Nickel plated stainless steel cathode and anode
Abrasion resistant coating for durability
5 year stable shelf life
Capacity 5000mAh
Voltage 3.6V