Nikkor Z FX 35mm F1.8 S-Line Wide Prime Lens



A wider world of possibilities.

35mm prime. A desert-island lens for many. Wide enough to nail the view. Shallow enough to draw out subjects. Fast enough to make the impossible possible. And so sharp...just utter unwavering sharpness. In reimagining this classic lens for the new Z system we may very well have perfected it.

Product Description


Wide-open sharpness Epic definition and resolution from the center of the frame to the edges even at its f/1.8 maximum aperture. No need to stop this lens down.

Fast accurate focus The larger Z Mount delivers more light to a Z camera's powerful PDAF system for extremely high focusing accuracy and speed.

The undistorted truth An improved optical formula for virtually zero flare ghosting coma or chromatic spherical and axial aberration even at the far edges of the frame.

Jack of all situations Versatile 35mm angle of view Few lenses are as versatile as a fast 35mm prime. Ideal for landscapes street photography weddings environmental portraits and more. A favorite among filmmakers for its human-eye perspective. Brilliant in low-light. Lightweight and portable.

Dreamy backgrounds A 9-blade rounded diaphragm and f/1.8 aperture combine with the larger mount and shorter flange distance to produce a stunning round bokeh.

Beautiful establishing shots Human eye-perspective puts viewers at the heart of the shot whether it's an interview tutorial video or product demo. Near-silent autofocus is powered by a new stepping motor.

Shines in low light Draws peak performance from a Z camera's outstanding low light capabilities. Captures point-of-light sources like streetlights with uncanny sharpness and minimal spherical aberration.